Use With Caution
︎︎︎ Interactive art piece
︎︎︎ Part of the exhibition Are We There Yet?

Collaboration with Ludvig Wänelöf.

Are We There Yet? is an interdisciplinary collaboration about antibiotic resistance together with Beckmans College of Design, the Beijer Institute and Svenskt Tenn. Exhibitions: The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (18/4–8/5), Svenskt Tenn (8/6–17/6).
Antibiotic resistance is rising to dangerously high levels in all parts of the world. Rather than being resourceful with existing antibiotics, we constantly seek new forms as the old ones become ineffective due to our misuse. We can all take action to reduce the spread of resistance before we reach the point of no return.
The interactive art piece allows the visitors to spin the top disk to reveal the text: “We can all take action before we reach the point of no return”. The design is inspired by a Petri dish with an antibiotic culture and a clock. The piece refers to human impact, and to the urgent time aspect of antibiotic resistance. The name Use With Caution acts as a reminder that we should use antibiotics with caution (and also be careful with the art piece).