The Last Resort

︎︎︎ Perfume concept

Collaboration with Ludvig WänelöfJonas Hemlin.

Flygskam, or flight shame, originated in 2018 in Sweden as a social movement opposing air travel, aiming to reduce the environmental footprint of aviation. However, the allure of sunnier destinations persists. Some may seek an alternative way of traveling as a last resort.

The fragrance is developed as a form of alternative travel, and is designed to replicate the scent and experience one encounters when stepping off an airplane in warmer latitudes. Scent by Yousif Saleh, Adrien Altis, Katie Lower & Keija Zhu from ISIPCA Paris.

2021–2024 BFA Visual Communication, Beckmans College of Design

2019–2024 KING, Studio Manager & Graphic Designer
april–july 2023 BVD, Design internship
june– 2024
Kölqvist, Design internship 

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