Beckmans Graduation 2024

︎︎︎ Exhibition concept & identity
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Collaboration with Mauritz Larsson & Ludvig Wänelöf

Parallel to our own thesis projects, we had the honor of developing this year's identity for Beckmans College of Design's graduation exhibition and fashion show. The identity is based on Google Sheets, inspired by the increased use of digital collaboration tools during our studies. This concept allows students to actively participate in creating the identity, making them more visible.

We aimed to democratize and challenge the conventional design process, uniting the digital format of Sheets with the analog through posters, catalogs, exhibition design, and printed materials. 

Special thanks to Reidar Pritzel for creating our website, and Alva Nylander for photographing this year's hero images for all the thesis projects.

2021–2024 BFA Visual Communication, Beckmans College of Design

2019–2024 KING, Studio Manager & Graphic Designer
april–july 2023 BVD, Design internship
june– 2024
Kölqvist, Design internship 

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